The Mini Barbie and the My Size Barbie

Created, developed, and elevated to success by the toy-making superpower Mattel, Inc., Barbie is considered as one of the most popular toy franchises among young women. For over fifty years, Barbie has become a significant component of the toy fashion doll market, producing so much sales that its competitors became nothing but poor knock-offs of the original blond-haired, pencil-waisted, Caucasian woman who dons an extremely perfect body proportion. Today, this young woman is everywhere. From Barbie dolls, to Barbie clothes, to Barbie bags, purses, shoes, and school supplies.

Barbie is every girls idea of the perfect best friend. Today, there are a myriad of Barbie toy variations that little girls can play with. From princess Barbie dolls, to designer Barbie dolls, and Barbie dolls patterned over famous movies. However, one thing that's bound to surprise you is that Barbie dolls can come in different sizes as well. Have you heard of a cute, petite, and mini Barbie that your toddler can bring around or attach to key chains? How about a full-sized, gargantuan, My Size Barbie your toddler may even share clothes with? Welcome to the wonderful world of various-sized Barbie's where fun comes in teeny-tiny, or immense proportions! Heres everything you need to know about the Mini Barbie and the My Size Barbie!

Fun in Different Sizes

The Mini Barbie is where the Barbie World turns little. But don't underestimate these tiny toys for your children can have massive hours of fun time with them! The Mini Barbie is just like a real Barbie, but they're significantly smaller and lighter. The Mini B. comes in a variety of styles and fashion sets. Practically every regular Barbie model has its own Mini B. version, so you don't have to worry about choices. As a matter of fact, the Mini B. can be purchases in sets to arrive with six dolls of different varieties! Choose from six Barbie types that include the Superstar Barbie, the Barbie and the Rockers, the Brunette Bubble cut, the Twist N Turn, the Malibu Barbie and The Original Teenage Fashion model!

Buy them a cute pink convertible, a five star hotel, a country-side house, or purchase them their own pets! Mini Barbies are perfect for your children for they help save space and they're significantly more affordable!

The My Size Barbie, on the other hand, is a regular Barbie turned toddler sized. Standing approximately 3 feet tall and made with the same material, your toddler gets more of the feel of being friends with Barbie, and gets to dress her up the way she would do herself! What's great about the My Size Barbie is the variety of clothes available. My Size Barbie clothes come in a variety of themes and designs that your toddler can even try wearing! If your toddler wants, she can even use her own clothes to dress My Size Barbie!

Don't know what size to purchase? Bring your daughter to the store when you're looking for the perfect Barbie for her. It doesn't matter if you prefer the big one over the small one or the minute over the massive. Your daughter is bound to enjoy with Barbie no matter what her size is!